Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bijou & Boheme Top 5 Living Rooms

Next up in my "TOP 5" Series is the lovely and talented Christine from 

It is quite possibly the SEXIEST blog in the sphere, and for certain the most feminine...
wouldn't you say??

Christine is showing us her favorite Living Rooms..
prepare to pant...


Hi there Amber Interior lovers.

I know you're enjoying this look into every one's favourite spaces just as much as I am.

Who doesn't love a one stop shop for pretty decor shots?

That would be nobody.

And so, I'm taking part and showing you a little living room gorge.

All of my top 5 pics are truly old school favourites of mine....well minus one that's a newbie.


There SO many I could have picked and even as I'm typing this, I keep rethinking my choices.

At the moment I'm obsessing about two Architectural Digest covers that I know are definitely in my top 5 but I can't for the life of me remember the designer's name so I'm shit out of luck on those two:(

I'm also wishing there were more photos of Nanette Lapore's living room- if there were, it would also be totes in my top 5...

Anyhoo....these choices of mine have all become the stalwarts of my favourite's file.

PS, isn't stalwart a funny word?

Makes me think of warts that belong to a 16 year old that can't dive a stick shift properly....

Anyhoo #2...

Here we go on the choicskis.

{counting is in French...I just felt like it}

Numero un...

This Nate Berkus original, circa 2006.

It single handily made me want to make out with rust velvet.

The palate as a whole is just the stuff dreams are made of.

Number deux...

Nate Berkus strikes again, along with the help of Anne Coyle.

The mixture of modern and vintage...the white cowhides...the brass...the leopard..and most of all, that sexy beast patent leather sofa...well let's just say it had this girl at hello.

Numero trois...

This one from Lauren Gold is a relatively new addition to my tops list but she's a doozy.

I adore the mix of metals and how brilliantly the hard plays with the soft.

Seeing the black ballzy painting right alongside the dainty gold mirror makes my heart go all pitter patter like.

Numero quatra...

The home of cosmetics queen Christine d'Ornano was the first place that literally made me want to redecorate my house.

To be honest, the living room isn't my favourite of the apartment...the pink family room, bedroom and both dining areas are the ones I lust after most but ...I looooveee this spot too.

I highly approve of the funk factor here.

The chairs are all quirky and is the art...and yet it feels refined somehow.

It's a little left of center and as such, will always be aces in my books.

Numero cinq...

And last but not least there's this perennial favourite belonging to Milly designer Michelle Smith.

It's the nun portrait that does it for me in this room...along with the stunning architectural detail and sweet like honey chandelier.

And there you have top 5 living rooms.

Thanks to awesome Amber for having me.


See told ya!

I have another Top 5 up tomorrow so come on back now, Ya Hear


  1. I could gaze at Lauren Gold's living room every day of the week. Every frikin day.

    Great round up!

  2. Dying for this series and love Christine's picks! Nate Berkus will always be tops in my book.

  3. Love Christine's blog! Isnt she great? Those living room choices are all incredible! I cant even choose a favorite!


  4. Christine has the best taste and is surely one of the most feminine blogs out there. Which is why I love it!

  5. ahhh so glad you brough christine over here - she is amazeballs talented (just like you).


  6. Oh I love all of your picks Christine!! Nate Berkus and Lauren Gold's rooms are gorgeous and so very glam. Great series and so lovely to discover your blog xx

  7. thanks for sharing.


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